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1. Do you ever remember getting caught with your “hand in the cookie jar” as a child? As an adult? What happened in each instance? 2. Has covering up sin ever backfired in your life? How have you experienced God’s mercy when you owned up to your sin? Read: 2 Samuel 11 3. In what ways did King David sin in the Bathsheba affair? 4. In view of King David’s arrogance, adultery, deception and murder, how does he dare approach God? What does he feel? Read: Psalm 51 5. According to Jewish law, murder is a capital crime as is adultery (Deuteronomy 22:22). Since such sins deeply affect the lives of others, what is the meaning of v.4? What does this reveal about the nature of sin? 6. If God created all things “good,” why does humankind sin (see Romans 5:12-14)? 7. After acknowledging his sin and waywardness, what does King David ultimately ask God to do (v.7-12)? What is the significance of King David asking to be cleansed? 8. How does King David hope to escape God’s wrath (v.13-17)? On what basis does he hope for a restored relationship with God? 9. Why would King David end his prayer to include the nation he leads (v.18-19)? What does this indicate about the nature of sin? 10. Are there really ever any “victimless crimes”? How does our sin affect God? Ourselves? Others? Society? 11. Are you more sensitive to sin and brokenness in yourself as a believer than beforehand? Why? Describe the power of receiving God’s forgiveness and being restored to a right relationship with Him.