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God Gives Life

  1. How many times have you thought or said, “If only…”? Give examples.
  Read John 11:1-16
  1. While Mary and Martha watched their brother die, Jesus decided to stay another two days in the wilderness across the Jordan (10:40). How may they have felt hearing that Jesus did not come right away and heal Lazarus?
  1. When have you felt Jesus delaying while you were praying for help?
  1. What clues do v.41-42 give us regarding why Jesus did not come right away to help his friend?
  1. What do you think Jesus meant in his cryptic answer to the fears of the disciples (v.8-10)?
  Read John 11:17-27
  1. How does Jesus challenge Martha to look into the future, and at the same time, bring the future into her present?
(see v.23-37)  
  1. How do we bring God’s future into our present?
  Read John 11:28-46
  1. If God is just like Jesus, how does the fact that ‘Jesus wept’ shape your view of God?
  1. When Jesus asks the people where to find Lazarus they say, “Come and see!” When Jesus called Lazarus out of the grave, He told the people around Him, “Come and see what I can do!” Where have we invited Jesus into our world?  He in turn has invited us to see what He can do!
  1. What is Jesus telling me through this story and what do I need to do in response?