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God Opens Eyes

  1.  Do we have to “pay” in this life when we have done something bad? Do children have to pay for the bad choices of their parents?
  Read John 9:1-12
  1.  How did the disciples explain the fact that this man was born blind?
  1.  Does this line of reasoning still exist today?
  1.  How does Jesus explain the situation?
  1.  Jesus proceeds to heal that man. What is the significance of the healing?  How does it relate to Jesus’ explanation?
  1.  What is the significance of the way Jesus healed the man?
  1.  The man does not seem to know who Jesus really is at the time of his healing. All he knows is what Jesus did for him.  Only after a second encounter with Jesus does he “see” who Jesus is (v.35-38).  How do you explain this?  What can you learn from this?
  1.  If you read the rest of the chapter you will notice that this healing triggers a lively dialogue between the bystanders, Pharisees, parents and Jesus. The theme: who is actually blind and who is not.  So, who is “blind” and who is it that “sees” according to this story?
  1.  Where are you on this spectrum?