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Who’s in Charge?

The Fear Factor
Learn to Value Presence Over Production
Declaring My New Identity
Loving My Neighbour
The Church as a Covenant Community
All You Need is Love
Keep the Church Clean
Overcoming Division
Receiving Guidance from God
How God Speaks to You
How Can I Hear God Speak to Me?
This Changes Everything
Good Friday Message (2018)
Unmet Expectations
Family on Mission
A Balanced Life
Rediscovering Family
What are Your Disciples?
Continuous Breakthrough
Power to Fulfill our Purpose
Why Am I Here?
Who Do I Think I Am?
A Life Shaped by Jesus
HOPE for a New Year: When the Party is Over…
HOPE is on the Way: Surprised by HOPE
HOPE is on the Way: Too Good to be True
HOPE is on the Way: HOPE Rediscovered
Upon Further Review: GOD – What’s He really like?
Upon Further Review: BODY
Upon Further Review: WORLDVIEW
Upon Further Review: FRIENDSHIP
Upon Further Review: WORRY – What worries you masters you
Upon Further Review: PARENTING
Upon Further Review: WORK – It’s Not Just a Job
Upon Further Review: MARRIGE
Upon Further Review: CORE VALUES
Upon Further Review: MONEY = The Good Life?
Upon Further Review: TIME: If Not Now, When?
Upon Further Review: Fight the Good Fight
Standing Strong: Standing Strong
Standing Strong: Prayer of Intercession
Standing Strong: Represent
Standing Strong: Influence
Standing Strong: Test
Standing Strong: Heat
Standing Strong: Divine Intervention
Standing Strong: Belittled
Standing Strong: Nonconformist
Standing Strong: Shaken
I Have Places to Go
I Have a Message to Share
I Can Face Trials
I am Equipped
Living a Transformed Life for God
I Honour HIM in My Relationships
I Live as a Foreigner
I Have a New Identity
I Work on Myself
Determined to Do His Will
When Many Serve, the Church Moves
Living in Harmony
Equipping for Ministry
Unity in Diversity
Commit to Community
Giving Generously
Just Say No!
When You Pray
Speak your Mind
Wonder over His Word
Words of Wonder
The Art of Abiding
Developing Healthy Habits
Christmas Eve Message 2016
Sharing the PEACE I Have
Sharing the JOY I Have
Sharing the LOVE I Have
OUT: Loving my Neighbour as Myself
UP: Loving God with all my Strength
UP: Loving God with all my Strength
UP: Loving God with all my Mind
UP: Loving the Lord with all my Soul
UP: Loving God With All My Heart
IN: It all starts with Loving God
OUT: Sent to Serve
IN: Life in Community
UP: Connecting with GOD
Rhythm: Just Like Jesus
The Value of Work
The Power of Prayer
Standing Firm in Turbulent Times
Deception Exposed!
A Life Devoted to God
Preparing for Arrival
Jesus is Coming
Living to Please God
Loving Community – Powerful Prayer
When Trials Come
A Life Worth Imitating
The Gospel Comes to Town
Who Determines Right and Wrong?
Where Did I Come From?
Leaving a Legacy
What Kind of Stone Are You?
Celebrating a New Life
Getting Healthy: Vocationally
Changing My Perspective on Money
Easter: The Empty Tomb Speaks
This is Jesus!
Getting Healthy: Rationally
Getting Healthy: Emotionally
The Faith Factor
Getting Healthy: Physically
Getting Healthy: Healthy Thought Life
Getting Healthy: Spiritually
OUT: Mission Zeal
IN: Radical Community
UP: Passionate Spirituality
Living with Wisdom
Life-shaping Choices
Christmas Eve 2015
Discovering Joy
Legalism Exposed
No More Excuses
Jesus – Authorized by God
Conflict is Necessary
The Power of Forgiving
What Faith Looks Like
Lose Your Life to Find It
Who is Jesus to You?
Purity – A Matter of the Heart
Discovering the Good Life
Who’s in Charge?
The Invitation
Representing Jesus
The Mission
Go! You are ready!
By Faith we are changed
Feasting instead of Fasting
Following Jesus
Intense Moments with Jesus
A new Kind of Family