Common questions

Are you charismatic? Are you Pentecostal?

Yes and no. We are charismatic if by that you mean persons and churches empowered by the Holy Spirit to build up the church on mission in the world. Yes, we are Pentecostal if by the term you mean the Holy Spirit was given to the early church and continues to come, empower and call the church to servant ministries. No, if you mean by charismatic or Pentecostal an emphasis on speaking in tongues as the sign of a spirit-filled life or the freedom for persons to speak in tongues at their own discretion in public worship.

Are you a mission-minded church?

Definitely. The Church of God emphatically asserts that all Christians are called to world and local missions, and that some individuals are particularly gifted for special assignments in the missions tasks. North American and International missions efforts are facilitated and resourced as a result of the partnership between local congregations and Church of God Ministries. Though the focus of missions is often on those who are called and sent, we believe that the total church is responsible for taking Christ to men, women, and children everywhere. Our churches voluntarily pool their prayers and financial support to accomplish together what none could do alone.

What do you teach about Jesus’ second coming?

We believe that Jesus will come again, but we have no idea about the date or time (Matt. 24:36; Mark 13:32-37). Our eschatology (knowledge or study of last things) emphasizes that when Jesus comes for the second time to receive the church, all things of this world will end, and those who have believed on Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord will go with him to live eternally. Our view of the Kingdom of God is that it is a present reality – we believe that when Jesus came to earth, he launched his kingdom (Matt. 3:2; 4:17; 10:7; Luke 17:20-26) and his kingdom is in the hearts of men and women who give him their allegiance.

Do you have certain standards?

Yes. We believe the Bible is clear on many points of morality and ethics and we expect those who are a part of the Church to live accordingly. There may be conscience-questions where Christians tend to differ in their conclusions as to what Scripture teaches in specific applications. In life-style the Church of God tends to be conservative as the call of Scripture is to positive, holy living that honors God.