It can feel a little uneasy visiting a church for the first time, so we want to help you feel more comfortable by giving you a window into what happens in our church on Sunday mornings.

All are welcome! Whatever you believe, however you look, we invite you to come check us out.

What to wear? With an ethnically and socially diverse group, people dress very differently ranging from shorts and t-shirts to business attire.  Wear what you are comfortable wearing.


As you walk through our front doors, you will be welcomed by a member of our Welcome Team. Feel free to ask these individuals any questions you may have or visit our Welcome Centre located towards the middle of our foyer. If you have children with you, we invite you to see our guest registration desk in the "GraceKidz" area (located beside the Cafe) for further information.


As you make your way to our auditorium, a member of our Welcome Team will be there to greet you and if needed, give you assistance finding a seat.  You will also be handed our Worship Folder at which gives updated news and events at Grace Point Church.

What is our Worship Service about? As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe in celebrating our journeys, encouraging one another and worshipping God together.  In a worship service we sing songs, pray and hear a sermon.   We generally have a full band (acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums, bass) that play a mix of contemporary songs as well as modernized hymns.


When the service starts, one of our lead singers will invite you to stand and join with us in singing a few songs. We welcome you to do whatever is most comfortable for you. We will never single you out or make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t know the songs? No problem, house lights are low…no one will even notice!

Why do we sing? Worship songs are written to allow people to share their thoughts through song. Often we can resonate with the words of the songs and they help us to focus on God. Singing songs is a way that we display our love to God, share our sorrows and declare our commitment to God. It is a way to put to words how we might be feeling.


Throughout your time at Grace Point on a Sunday morning, you may notice various groups and individuals praying, on and off the auditorium stage.

Why do we pray? We believe that God hears us when we speak and that He wants to speak to us.  We dedicate time to this practice to speak to God and to hear His voice.


Towards the middle of the Worship Service, a speaker (usually one of our pastors) gives a talk, or a sermon.

What’s a sermon? The Bible is a compilation of books and letters that were written at a certain time, in a certain culture, to a certain audience, but we also believe the Bible is relevant to us today.  A sermon is simply our pastors talking about the Bible and its relevance to us today.  Right here.  Right now.


During the Worship Service, we are invited to give back to God through monetary gifts (also called tithes or offering) where offering plates are passed through the rows by our ushers.

Why do we give? We have opportunity to be generous to God in graciously and freely giving of our resources to support His work in this world. As a guest, please know that there is no obligation to give.


Following the Worship Service, you are invited to visit our Welcome Centre for more information on our church and other programs that may be of interest to you.  The Grace Cafe will also have hot beverages and refreshments available for you to enjoy while you connect with others.


Our teams strive to lead authentic times of worship using a contemporary approach.  We affirm that each person (team, leader and congregation member) has something important to share and that God is the audience. We are here not to perform, but rather, to set the stage for participation. Our technical teams (audio, visual and lighting) also work diligently with the goal of enhancing the worship service for God’s glory.