Living Free

Read Philippians 4:4-9


  1. Paul’s process in over coming anxiety followed a pattern. What is something that is causing anxiety in your world? Try practicing Paul’s plan.

a.  Pray – Connect with your loving heavenly Father

b.  Appeal – What is it that you are anxious about?

c.  Thanksgiving – Praise God for what he has given you in Jesus!

d.  Request – Let him know what your request is.


  1. Paul encourages the believers in Philippi to “practice” what they have learned from him. He gives them eight things to focus on. See if you can come up with something for each “whatever”. Think of things that will inspire worship of God and service to others.

a.  Whatever is true:

b.  Whatever is honorable:

c.  Whatever is just:

d.  Whatever is pure:

e.  Whatever is lovely:

f.  Whatever is commendable:

g.  Whatever is excellent:

h.  Whatever is praise worthy:


Paul encourages the believers to practice these things, and as they continually practice them, there is a growing peace which comes from God that will be with them!


May we all continue to grow in love for Jesus as we continually grow in love and dependence on him!