An ABC for a Crisis

1. Can you a remember a time in your life when you faced an existential crisis (illness, danger, money, etc.) but somehow you came through, maybe by God’s intervention or the help of others?

2. How did you feel when you got “saved”?

3. What did you learn from it?

Read Psalm 34:

4. What is the occasion for this Psalm? (1 Samuel 21:10-14)

5. Put yourself in David’s shoes. What must it have felt like to be on the run knowing that Saul is out to kill him and as well as the people of Gath? How did it feel to escape certain death?

6. How does David describe his experience in hindsight? (v.3-6)

7. What was his first reaction? (v.1-2)

8. What lessons did he learn? (v.7-10)

9. Summarize the advice David gives to those who face a crisis. (v.11-22)

10. What have you heard God saying to you through this Psalm?

11. What are you going to do about it?