Baby and Toddler


Connect with other Moms and Tots (ages 0-5) This drop-in program is available on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month 9:00-11:00 AM in our nursery. All our welcome and we encourage you to bring other Moms with their tots as well.

At Grace Point, we believe that ‘welcoming the little children’ begins at an early age and so we provide high-quality nursery care that is loving and invites our wee ones to feel like they belong to the Grace Point family!

It is our desire that our nursery care be a happy and pleasant experience for all the children who attend!  We also want you to enjoy the worship service, knowing that your child is receiving our best care!

Our Caregivers

The children in our nursery are cared for by a group of volunteers who devote their time and attention to the individual needs of each child.  As the safety of our children is of utmost importance to us, each caregiver has received “Plan to Protect” training and has security clearance.

Sign in and out

Children must be signed in and out using our computer registration system. A picture of child and parents will be taken and allergies will be noted and will appear on the child’s nametag. A nametag will be placed on your child and you will be given an “in” slip to provide the nursery volunteer with. Should we need to reach you during the service your child’s unique ID number will be posted on the sanctuary screen and you will receive a text message. When it is time to check out your child your face will be matched with your picture and an “out” slip will be printed.

Feeding and Sleeping Room

In our nursery we have a room with two play pens for naps and a rocking chair for parents to feed their children. If you would like your child to have a quiet dark place to nap during service you are welcome to use this room.

Transitioning from Nursery to Preschool

When a child turns three AND is potty-trained they may transition to the preschool programming in the GraceKidz children’s wing.