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1.  Think of a time in your life when you felt cared for. What was the occasion? How did you experience care? How did it make you feel?

Read John 6:1-12
2.  Jesus cared for the physical well-being of the people who came to listen to Him. What does it tell you about Jesus/God? How have you experienced this kind of care?

3.  What exactly did Jesus want to find out when he tested the disciples (v.5-6)? What do Philip’s and Andrew’s answer to the challenge reveal?

4.  By multiplying bread and fish Jesus provided generously for the needs of the people. What is the significance of Jesus commanding His disciples to pick up the leftovers?

5.  Do you feel God is generous in how He provides? Share and explain.

6.  The response of the people to this miracle reveals their selfishness (v.14-15). How?

7.  It says in v.15 “…and Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.” It seemed to be something Jesus did habitually. Why?

Read v.16-21
8.  The disciples are left to fend for themselves. Can you recall a time or situation in your life when you felt you had to fend for yourself and Jesus felt far away? What happened? Why did you feel that way?

9.  Jesus has many ways to get to where “I am.” All nature is at His display if He needs it. When have you experienced Jesus showing up when you least expected it?

10. Where do you sense Jesus telling you, “It is I; don’t be afraid”?