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  1. When was your last vacation? Where did you go? What did you do? Was it relaxing?


  1. What do you usually do to relax and recharge?


Read Mark 1:1-11

John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin born a few months before Jesus. His ministry was to get people ready for the greatest moment in world history: Jesus’ ministry, His death and resurrection.

  1. How does John seek to prepare the people for Jesus’ arrival? (v.1-8)


  1. In this opening passage, Mark wants us to sense the shock of the new thing God was doing. The people needed to be woken up. In what ways are we asleep today in our communities, churches or our personal lives?


  1. What significance does baptism have when you think about the fact that the people of Israel entered the promised land by going through the Jordan river?


  1. John called the people of Israel to give evidence of their repentance by being baptized. It’s the only way to be ready for Jesus’ kingdom to come. What do we as Christians have to repent of today in order for God to do a new work? What do you personally need to repent of?


  1. What God said to Jesus on that day (v.11) is what He also says to those who are “in Christ,” meaning His followers. What is the significance of hearing God say to you, “You are my dear child; I’m delighted with you”?