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  1. Have you ever felt you were given a second chance? What happened? Why did it feel like a second chance to you?


Read Jonah 3:1-10

  1. God’s grace is relentless. Jonah gets another chance (v.1-2). What does it mean to you that God’s grace is relentless toward you?


  1. Nineveh was one of the most significant cities in Jonah’s days. The phrase “exceedingly great city” (v.3) could also be translated “a great city to god”. Why would God show such an interest in Nineveh?


  1. Jonah’s message was short (v.4). No mention of God or of the reasons why God will overthrow the city nor any offer of repentance. Considering Jonah’s initial reluctance to go to Nineveh, could there be a reason why his message was so short and lacking any grace?


  1. The response of the people was drastic and swift. How did they express their repentance? Why did they do it? (v.5-9)


  1. How do people respond to God’s call to repent today? How do you respond?


  1. God did exactly what Jonah feared: He relented (v.10). Is this typical of God?


  1. In light of this story of Jonah how do you imagine God? Is God a God who always relents or is God a God of judgment? Are there other stories in the Bible to support your view?


  1. A graceless Jonah vs. a grace filled God. Where do you fit in?