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  1. What role does prayer play in your life right now? Are you more comforted or challenged by the privilege of prayer? Why?


Read: Matthew 7:7-11


  1. How is it significant that Jesus invites you to speak with God in prayer (v.7-8)? What, if any, reluctance do you have in turning to God in prayer?


  1. What is the significance of Jesus saying that God promises to respond when we pray (v.7-8, 11b)?


  1. What may the progression of “ask…seek…knock” be indicating about how we ought to pray?


  1. Who is the “everyone” God promises to answer in v.8? What do you make of those who argue that God plays “favourites”?


  1. Why do you think Jesus emphasizes that when we pray, we are coming to our Heavenly Father? How does this encourage or discourage you to pray? What does that say about your “father picture” and how is that being played out in your prayer life today?


  1. In what ways does God out-stripe an earthly father? Why does Jesus mention that here? One reality that Jesus challenges us in these verses is whether or not we really believe that God is good. Have you ever struggled with whether or not God is a giver of good in life? If so, when, and why?


  1. How does God giving only “good gifts” or “good things” to His children determine how we pray and what we can expect from prayer?


  1. Briefly discuss the four ways God hears and answers every prayer that were mentioned on Sunday. Which one was new to you or opened a new avenue of insight to you? Do you struggle to believe that God always responds to His children?   If so, why?


  1. What can you do this week to lean into the privilege of prayer more intensely?


  1. What has God’s Spirit been saying to you through this study? What are you going to do about it?