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  1. Share moments in your life when you tried to prevent the inevitable. What would you do differently in hindsight?


  1. Jesus was born into a time of violence and fear, spearheaded by a paranoid, neurotic king. But God made sure His Son survived. How was this knowledge a source of comfort to His people then, and can be for you today?


  1. Jesus, together with Joseph and Mary, lived as refugees in Egypt for several years. How would this be relevant today?


  1. Innocent children had to die because Herod wanted to secure his power. How does this play out in our society today? Where do you see the powerful and mighty defend their status at the cost of the innocent? Has the church ever done that in history?


  1. The Messiah came and survived in spite of the efforts of Herod. You can’t stop the unstoppable God. How do you see this play out today? In your life?