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1. What do you know of the story of Jonah? What have you heard, perhaps from Sunday school?

Read Jonah 1:

2. What did God want Jonah to do?

3. How did Jonah respond?

4. Why did Jonah head off to Tarshish instead of Nineveh?

5. What do you make out of the fact that while the crew of the ship fights for survival Jonah is sound asleep in the bow of the ship?

6. While Jonah runs from the presence of God, he finds himself not out of reach from God. What storms in your life served as reminders of God’s inescapable presence?

7. Do you think Jonah anticipated to be rescued when he asked the sailors to throw him overboard?

8. “I’d rather die than obey!” Can you imagine a situation where you would say these words?

9. When has running away from God brought you (and/or others) into trouble?

10. Do you think Jonah’s rescue by a fish is factual or symbolic? Explain.

11. How has God rescued you in spite of your disobedience?