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Read Philippians 2:12-18

  1. How does verse 13 make clear that the phrase “your own salvation” (v.12) isn’t meant to contrast the work of the Philippians with God’s work?


  1. Whose work then is being contrasted with that of the Philippians?


  1. When Paul uses the phrase “fear and trembling” (v.12) he means with utter seriousness. What would it mean for you to work out the practical implications of your salvation this way?


  1. Paul tells the Philippians that they must grow in maturity and take responsibility for themselves without Paul being present. Where is God telling you to take responsibility for yourself without reliance on other spiritual leaders?


  1. How would the lives of churches be revolutionized if Christians practiced what Paul says in v.14?


  1. Who comes to your mind as examples of shining lights in your life (v.15)?


  1. What gives Paul cause to celebrate (v.17-18)?


  1. Whose faith can you celebrate today?