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  1. If you think of your immediate or extended family what kind of actions, attitudes and behaviour destroy good family relationships?


Read Matthew 7:1-7

  1. In this passage, Jesus deals with the deadly way in which we try to manage and control those closest to us.


  1. What kind of judging is Jesus addressing in v.1?


  1. Is there a difference between judging and being judgemental? Explain.


  1. What is the connection between judging and condemning?


  1. Where do we judge and exclude people today in our society?


  1. Have you ever felt judged? How did it make you feel? What consequence did it have for you?


  1. In v.2-5 Jesus addresses blaming as another tool that destroys relationships.


  1. Why is blaming so hurtful?


  1. What leads people to blame others? What is the underlying intent?


  1. According to Jesus’ words what should we do before we blame someone?


  1. V.6 addresses the practice of pushing things of God upon people whether they are ready for it or not.


  • Can you give examples of that? Have you experienced it yourself?


  • How do people respond to pushiness? What is your response?


  • Where are you guilty of condemning or blaming people or forcing your wonderful solutions on them? What do you need to confess?


  1. What do you need to do in response to Jesus’ words?