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How do we live out our faith in Jesus? These tools will help you build a foundation that will stand the pressures of life. The more tools you have in your toolbox, the better prepared you will be when “life” happens!

1. Read Matthew 5-7. As you read, ask yourself “How am I doing”? There are some very pointed statements Jesus makes that go right to our hearts. It’s Christ in us that gives us hope and builds a strong foundation of faith in our lives.

2. Read Matthew 7:24-27. Do a self-evaluation, “How is your foundation”? As you do your assessment on your foundation, which house more reflects your foundation?

3. How much is Jesus a part of your everyday life? Do you have a routine that daily builds your life in Him that strengthens your foundation?

4. Take some time to consider, “how do I connect with Jesus”? Is it through nature, worship songs, reading scripture, reading books, listening to podcast sermons, writing in a journal, serving, or some other way? It may even be a combination of these.

5. Do you have, or has there been, a foundation-builder in your life? What did they do that made them a “builder” into your life? These are your “go to” people – when life hits, they are on your speed dial. How can you deepen these relationships further?

6. Write them a note saying, ” You have been foundational in my life.” Be an encouragement to someone!

7. Who, in your sphere of influence, needs a foundation-builder in their life? Pray for opportunities to initiate and deepen new friendships.

8. Whose foundation are you helping to build? Write down who and how. Think of ways you can be even more intentional in someone’s world!

9. Seek to develop a few relationships. Open yourself up – at times we are all going to need a few faithful and significant friends to support us when the pressures of life are beyond what we can bear. Now is the time to build those supportive friendships rather than waiting until you are in the middle of a crisis.

10. Make daily surrender to Jesus an intentional start to your day. How are you going to do that? Perhaps try something new from the list in question #4.

11. Ask Jesus to help you see others with His eyes this week.

12. Ask Jesus to use your hands this week to love and serve someone in a tangible way.

13. Rest in Jesus. He has come that you might have life abundantly. Surrender to Him. He loves you beyond understanding (Romans 8:31-39).