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1. In what way(s) are you feeling overloaded right now? Why? What do you think you could do to make your schedule, the rhythm of your life, more manageable? Give a couple of examples.

2. How does our culture get us to think we have no limits in our lives and activities?

3. Read Ecclesiastes 4:8. Give examples of things that drive some people to overload in life?

4. What are some warning lights in your life that indicate to you that you are reaching your limits?

5. Read Exodus 23:12. God tells us to rest one day a week. Why does that seem so hard to do at times? What would taking a day for rest and spiritual refreshment look like for you? What kind of an effect do you think it would have in your life?

6. Why is it that the faster you go, the more margin you need?

7. What’s the wisdom behind regularly evaluating your commitments?

8. How would having more space in your schedule enhance your relationship with God?

9. What are the benefits of living with margin in your life?

10. What are some things (of the things you are wrestling with right now) that are causing you to feel overloaded? What changes would give your life more “room”?

11. Sometimes the commitments we make and the activities we participate in can become idols in our life that we hang on to. Is there an idol or two that could be cut from your schedule or your budget?