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  1. What destroys good relationships?


  1. Can you remember an occasion where your words or actions have destroyed a relationship? What happened? What were the consequences?


  1. Love “keeps no record of wrongs” (1 Corinthians 13:5). What does this mean? How can you do that?


Read Matthew 18:21-22

  1. What issue does Peter bring before Jesus? What does his answer imply?


  1. If you consider that rabbis suggested to forgive at least three times, Peter is already aiming high by suggesting seven times. How is Jesus answering Peter’s question and what does He mean by his answer?


Read Matthew 18:23-34

  1. The story is certainly not factual because the amount of debt owed is simply unrealistic. Jesus tells this parable to make a point. What is it that Jesus wants to say? Consider also that with this parable Jesus explains how the kingship of God operates (v.23).


  1. What does it mean to forgive according to this parable?


  1. How does this parable relate to Peter’s question in v.21?


  1. How do you understand v.35? See also Matthew 6:12,14-15.


  1. In light of this Bible study who do you need to forgive? Why? Remember: to forgive does not mean to forget nor does it mean to reconcile.