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1. “You reap what you sow!” To what areas of life does this principle apply? Give examples.

2. Where does this principle not apply?

Read 2 Corinthians 9:

3. Paul is encouraging the churches he had planted to collect money for the poor of the church in Jerusalem. How did Paul make sure that that the generous gift of the church in Corinth was ready at the time of collection? (v.1-5)

4. How exactly does the principle of sowing and reaping apply to giving? (v.6) Give examples.

5. What kind of giving is acceptable before God? (v.7)

6. Why can a follower of Christ afford to be a generous giver? (v.8-11)

7. What effect does the gift of the Gentile churches have on the Jewish church in Jerusalem? (v.12-15)

8. What insights have I gained through this text for my own giving?