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What was the most difficult hike or climb you’ve ever participated in? How did you prepare for it?

How would you describe what worship means to a friend with no Christian background? What form of worship do you connect with best? How do you prepare for worship?

Read: Psalm 24

What verses in this Psalm point to a procession into the city (see 2 Sam. 6 and 1 Chr. 15)? How would bringing the ark into Jerusalem have been a significant event in the life of the people of Israel? What did this event signify?

What does David underline about God in v.1-2? What does it mean to you that as your Creator, God has a claim upon your life? How does what David says in v.1-2 relate to his question and answer in v.3-4?

What is meant by “clean hands” and “pure heart” (v.4)?

What is stressed about God in v.7-10?

What three names would you give God from this Psalm?

Worshiping God as the sovereign, universal King is no small thing and requires proper preparation. How might you better prepare for corporate worship this week?

Worship is something we must really desire to do. Have you ever asked yourself what it is you really want in life? What is it?

What modern “idols” tempt us to live for them instead of the true God? What does God’s reign call you to be and do?

Have you allowed God entrance into your life? Why or why not? Is He reigning as your sovereign King? If not, why not?