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  1. What is influence? What do we mean by saying that people are influential?


  1. Who has influenced you?


Read Matthew 5:13-16

  1. When Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth” and “You are the light of the word” what kind of people does Jesus have in mind? Who is He talking about? (Consider v.1-12)


  1. What makes someone salt or light?


  1. What does salt do?


  1. How does being salt describe the function of a Christ follower among the people he/she lives with?


  1. We know that salt cannot lose its properties of being salty unless it is heavily diluted. What is Jesus trying to say by “if salt loses its flavor?”


  1. What is the purpose and function of light?


  1. To light a candle only to hide it in a box is absurd. What is Jesus trying so say?


  1. When do you function as a light? What is the purpose?


  1. What did you hear Jesus telling you while studying this passage? What are you going to do about it?