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  1. What are some things you spend time worrying about? How do you think worry helps or harms you?


Read: Matthew 6:25-34

  1. Do you agree with the statement that worrying is acting like you don’t believe God’s promises?


  1. How does it feel to know that God cares about you and is going to take care of you?


  1. Does the flower analogy put into perspective how silly it is to worry about clothes?


  1. What are some ways you can seek God’s Kingdom – His rule in your life – first?


  1. Why do you think we worry so much, even though we know God will take care of us?


  1. Why do you think God tells us not to worry?


  1. In what way does talking to God about the things you are anxious about help you worry less?


  1. How would you feel if you told your child or your best friend that you were going to bring them lunch, but they spent the whole morning telling everyone they were worried that they weren’t going to have anything to eat that day? How do you think God feels when we worry about those things He’s already said He’d take care of?


  1. What can you do this week that will help remind you to not worry?


  1. What has God’s Spirit been saying to you through this study? What are you going to do about it?