God Wants to Use You Right Where You Are

  1. What comes to mind when you hear that someone wants to “use” you?


  1. Why do people have negative associations with the word “use”?


Read Joshua 1:1-9

  1. What fears do you think Joshua had at this point in his life?


  1. How would you feel if you were in Joshua’s position?


Read Joshua 1:10-18

  1. What did Joshua do in response to God’s call?


  1. Where, and how, can you be used by God?


  1. What gifts and talents has God given to you?


  1. What might be holding you back from fully following God?


  1. What steps do you need to take so that you are prepared to be used by God?


Ask God to help you to be “strong and courageous.”

Breaking Down the Characters of Christmas: The Surrendered

1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘surrender’?

2. Is there a difference between surrender and submission?

Read Matthew 1:18-25:

3. What difficulties did Joseph face?

4. Does God still speak to us in dreams?

5. How did Joseph respond to God’s word?

Read Luke 1:26-38:

6. What was so troublesome about the angel’s greeting? (v.29)

7. Mary had difficulties believing in a virgin birth. Do you? Explain.

8. How did Mary respond to the angel’s message?

9. How are Joseph and Mary’s responses an example of discipleship?

10. Where do you need to submit to a word or a calling from God?